Registered body under, Shop and Establishment Act 1948

Registered Address :Office No.3, L.J.Archade, Sector 3, Karanjade,Dist.Thane, New Panvel,
Corporate Address : G1, Sai Residency, Plot No.14, Womens cooperative society, Road no.2,
Jubliee Hills,Hyderabad, Telangana 500 045.


  • A School Memory Championship (SMC) is recognised by Indian Memory Sports Council (IMSC) which is associated with International Association of Memory (IAM)and Asian Memory Sports Council (AMSC).
  • There with be 5 Events in SMC 1)Random words 2) Numbers marathon 3) Random Images 4) Fictional historic

5) Spoken Numbers .

  • It is compulsory and mandatory to participate in above 5 mentioned events.
  • The complete expenses of a championship will be bared and looked after by the ORGANISOR

(Expenses like memorisation and recall papers printing, Competition hall, Arbiter’s room, Medals, Certificates, Screen, and Audio system)

  • Arrangement of photography, video, media ,T-shirts for participants and Arbiters is NOT COMPULSORY. . It is a choice of ORGANISOR.
  • IMSCis not responsible and will not pay for any kind of expenses of a championship.
  • To and Fro and Stay for the governing body of IMSC who will come and execute the championship will be paid by the IMSC .
  • Date & Venue of the SMC should be announced by the organiser 3 months prior to the championship date.
  • During the championship If any participant caught by Mal practising, She/he cannot participate in any championship which is recognised by the IMSC for 3 years.
  • The SMC scores of individual participants will be approved by the IMSC and will be updated to IAM, AMSC and IMSC
  • Age limit and category: KID= 5-8 years, JUNIOR= 9–12 years, TEEN =13-16 years and above.

Note: Age will be calculated by one day before the championship date.

  • In a championship medals for event wise top 3 and overall top 10 scores are compulsory for Kids, junior and teen category.
  • During the championship fans are not allowed because of the noise of fan sound. It is mandatory to execute the championship in complete pin drop silence .
  • Preferably Table size measuring 3*2 feet (approxmatly) should be arranged for individual participants. If the table is double the mentioned size then it can be shared by 2 participants by keeping a divider.
  • Registration fee for participant is Rs.1000/- only (Rupees One Thousand only) .(check breakup in excel sheet)
  • SMC is open to all Indian school students.
  • It is mandatory to show the school ID card and DOB certificate at registration counter of the championship.
  • During the championship if any of the participants disturbs the concentration of others, She/he may be detained for that particular event or can be suspended from the championship or decision can be taken by the Ethic management.

By the Governing committee of Indian Memory Sports council.

President : Dr.Kranthiraj

Vice President: Sushant Mysorekar

Vice Chairman : Altaf Shaikh

Ethic management: Rajendra jain


For more details please contact any of the above committee members.